what is Digicult

Established in 2005, Digicult is one of the main platforms investigating the impact of digital technologies and science on art, design and contemporary culture. Digicult is an independent editorial project which curates exhibitions, workshops, publications, meetings and develops educational activities. It offers tools for digital publishing and communication strategies for art and culture. It partners with some of the main international institutions and festivals and is part of The Leonardo Affiliate Program.


daily web magazine


One the most important international online platforms about digital art & culture, Digicult daily collects and publish articles, news of events, exhibitions, festivals, professional calls, book publications, interviews and critical in-depth articles related to the impact of digital technologies on art, design and contemporary culture. More than 2000 articles produced by Digicult from 2005 are collected in its Archive, providing a unique and free online resource for researchers, academics, scholars or simply enthusiasts


the Network


Digicult is based on the active participation of over 50 professionals that represent an international Network of selected professionals, such as educators, journalists, curators, artists, theorists, practioners and critics, with a track record of research, academic and professional  practice in the fields of contemporary digital arts, design and culture. The Network is enlarged by a list of international partners we work with or we simply network to share projects, visions and contents


the Agency


Digicult works with international partners, cultural institutions, festivals and events, media centers, art galleries and exhibit venues, universities and academies, online platforms. Digicult Agency developes and is commissioned to curate art exhibitions, culture events, workshops, live media and electronic music gigs, lectures and screenings, seminars and round tables. Digicult Agency involves Digicult Network members for their backgrounds, studies and professional experiences


the Journal


Digimag was the Digicult web magazine until February 2012 and turned into a free online Journal at the beginning of 2013. It focused on all topics related to the world of digital art and culture, emphasising the diverse realities and their synergies. It provides readers with in-depth comprehensive accounts of the latest advancements in the international digital art scene and culture. Today Digimag Journal is not published anymore because of Digicult new strategies of contents online distribution


Digicult Editions


Digicult Editions is the publishing side of the Digicult online cultural platform. Digicult Editions’ goal is to publish the Digimag Journal, and also critical and theoretical essays, university thesis and research works, publications edited in collaboration with other national and international publishers, as well as artists’ books. Digicult Editions uses all digital formats and print on demand strategies, while creating accessible bridges to open publishing, free of charge releases and multi-platform digital publications




Digicult and the Digimag Journal are listed into the major international academic online archives, including MIT WorldCat, Schweizerisches Institut für Kunstwissenschaft SIK-ISEA and Rhizome. Digicult was included in the publication “Cultural Blogging in Europe” by Lab for and in the book “Web Design Index by Content” by Pepin Press. Digicult is a Leonardo Affiliate Member


© 2017 by Marco Mancuso. All contents are under CC licenses


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