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Digicult is an impressive example of collective labor, run by Marco Mancuso. For those not in the area, you can connect yourself to networks of media art internationally via this very thriving hub

- Lauren Cornell (Curator at the New Museum, former Executive Director at Rhizome.org)


Marco and his crew are indestructible. I shouldn’t jinx them by saying that, but really, my hat is off

- Bruce Sterling (Writer and Futurologist, Author at Beyond the Beyond)


Marco Mancuso and the Digicult team are both in this time, and ahead of it. Not because they predict the future, but because their strong insight into contemporary culture, informed opinion about past cultures, and ability to link the two, makes Digicult, Marco and his crew a must-go if you want to have a clue about the world you live in

- Alfredo Cramerotti (Director at Moystin, Curator, Author of "Aesthetic Journalism")


I don't know how the hell he and his crew do it, but Marco Mancuso maintains on Digicult an incredibly intense flow of news and documentary about the new networked media arts, with a very strong p2p flavor; thanks for maintaining the premier site for media arts
- Michel Bauwens (Theorist, Founder of the Foundation for Peer-to-Peer Alternatives)


With Digicult, Marco Mancuso has managed to create one of the leading platforms for the broad and difficult to chart landcapes of digital arts and media culture: one that reverberates and resonates beyond its Italian roots

- Stephen Kovats (Curator, Founder of r0g_agency for open culture and critical transformation)


In the field of media arts there are a select few outstanding institutions that render context, critique and history. Digicult is one of those essential nodes and that it comes out of Italy that doesn’t provide public funding is testament to what Marco is capable of! Watch out for his relentless energy, mind and dedication, this man is dangerous

- Kurt Hentschlager (Media Artist)


Marco Mancuso is a tour de force in creative agitation and Digicult sets the benchmark for style and substance in contemporary criticism
- Prof Andy Miah
(Researcher and journalist)